Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Chin's Booklist

Ok...this is going to a fun way to generate a book packing list - collaboratively!
this is an experiment - as always... ;-)


7 Habits of Highly Effective Families
7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Handbook of mankind
wisdom of teams
one minute salesperson
Thai cooking
clove of garlic
italian farmhouse cooking
wacky cakes and cookies

[choose your own adventure box(white rational)]
kids guide to home video
revenge of the rainbow dragon

[brown aiwa]
positioning the battle for your mind
crossing chasm
22 immutable laws of marketing // -
one minute manager meets the manager
conversations with millionaires
getting things done // *
cluetrain manifesto
simpsons and philosophy // *
way of the superior man // ?
wherever you go there you are // ?
the dance there is // ?

[white #1 - s/w engineering box]
principle centered leadership
use cases requirements in context
gendersell // *
small business startup kit
survival of object programming
rational unified process: visual modeling with rose
UML use case

[engineering - white book box]
synthesis .. optimization

[public storage box]
best of chess life
open games
king's indian
experimenting with light

cartoon box of sex
art of sensual female dominance
lesbian sex secrets for men
southeast asia
101 choice SF
big book of adv travel
nice guy don't get laid
secrets of night
professional race driving technique
diet for a new america
brief history of time // *
dilbert management handbook
massage for dummies // -
book of sushi
journey to curbville
basic japanese
hitchhiker's guide // *
guide to financial independence

men are from mars, women of venus
red dragan
rising sun
official book of john jokes
are you the one for me // *
milton // -
blue day book - a lesson in cheering yourself up
origami made easy
how to live with teenagers
dancing healers // -*
condensed chaos magick // *
stepping stones to go // -
new order joy divison // *
keith harring // ?

rapid development


there is a future vision to manage books in a social-networking

if you need to contact me