Tuesday, October 06, 2009

life is great when it's always under construction

I've got myself in a PR class and somehow the whole world is coming together :D

to make a long story short - my trip to Asia is pretty my captured in my LiveJournal and basically have stopped blogging in favor of twitter which is embedded in my home page.

I have plans to clean up my "branding" (yes, as of this writing, a wiki is a bit much for some of you folks) so be patient, I expect this to happen over time :)

ok that's all for now - just a quickie!

ps. if you're interested in eco-friendly sex ;-)

Friday, January 12, 2007


finally - a service named after me! :P

i'm going to keep this brief - you have to check Chinswing out - it moves very boldly towards the end of the keyboard - yeah!

this is a definite threat to email, mailing lists, text forums - they are now officially ole skool!

secretly based on Amazon S3 (fooled me) - we now know why they kept pouring more and more money into what seemingly was just a storefront platform - well think again!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

monster mashup

I was given a reference to an article on emerging trends over the next 50 years and it references on article on the trend of multiple identities in virtual communities.

I make a conscious effort to use a single ID on the internet to simply matters (yes, I am that lucky to have a unique first name!) - however, with the increasing trend of online collaboration and every person being just about my next door neighbor - this isn't scaling well from a practical standpoint and multiple identities and contexts naturally creep into play!

So I have a challenge there for those of you who feel bold - take identities currently being indexed on onXiam and mash each and every service to come up with one's master identity. We are not talking about universal logon of the past - we're talking about a very advanced, dynamic, and living data structure that is a representation of who you are. Thus, as more and more social sites are developed - this representation automatically becomes multifaceted in ways one cannot imagine and lead to exciting new discovery mechanisms!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Chin's blogosphere...

hello everyone! (can just hear Grover now...)

I was reading thru past posts here and realized this is technically my first blog and it's turned into a playground of sorts - not really paying attention to "looking good" or "having to say the right thing" which technically is the true spirit of blogging right?

anyhoo - thought it makes sense to put cross-links to my active blog on LiveJournal

I've been quite loyal to LiveJournal for the past 3 years in Thailand and now starting to get a little frustrated by it. The RTF editor has gotten a bit too fancy to cause performance issues and having a lot of trouble embedding video in my community blog (entry) - some odd "Movie not loaded..." error from what I assume is an embedded Flash-based movie player - what is even more odd is if you click "About Adobe Flash Player 9..." it goes to my FIBO profile - wtf?!? This is when supporting open source just goes wrong... *sigh*

Given I haven't found anyone to play with the community feature of LJ - I may very well play around with creating a community blog here with multiple contributors.

I'm pretty much convinced after discovering a service called DevjaVu.com - free, hosted services are the way go if you're a grassroots organization!

ok - now for the video test

I'm sure it works here - enjoy!

what happened {
  • the /embed tag won't stay - it works fine in the preview - wtf?!? - doh!
  • This article is helpful
  • added "embed /" and the validator resolved it to embed *shrug*
  • this one might be a useful reference too in figuring out how to use the object tag
  • it changes "embed /" to "embed" and now complains tag is not closed
  • checked "Stop showing errors for this post" - go away!
  • it works :)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Apple Commercial - Networking

test to integrate Google Video into my blog (esp after recent YouTube terms & conditions changes!)

a Japanese friend of mine says the guest woman doesn't even look Japanese! (didn't ask her if she's really speaking Japanese - I hope so!)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

bacon anyone?

ok - for the life of me - I have yet to see the email-to-blogger feature work...crossing my fingers and perhaps it's been fixed over the last year...

time to find that BLT here in Thonburi! :P