Thursday, March 02, 2006

this dashboard thing is cool!   it's really convenient to write to my blog given its nature to just pop up and go away (Dashboard behaviour!)

the new mac mini is out!  Intel Core Duo -  say it isn't true!

what I like:
- built-in line in (no more iMic folks)
- *4* USB ports (toss the hub)
- Tiger (hey i'm ole skool with Panther on my original mini)
- iLife 06 (the anti-productivity suite! :)  (seriously look fwd to creating my first podcast - i need to get an iPod though!)
- the remote (Morn will love this one - why be so excited about a TV?   i hope they ironed out the kinks in Front Row though - it sucked last i tried it - it was a hack though so take my comments with a grain of salt)

will have to invest in:
- DL SuperDrive (ok i'm sick of my hokey homeboy external DVD-RW - just gets in the way!  double layer to boot)
- 120GB HDD (i might be proud to get my base
install down to 2GB - redundancy is king! speaking of which - i gotta get round to that cron job...)
- another 1GB (i just bought a 1 gig stick!)

will have to figure out what to do with:
- bluetooth (been dreaming of Skype 100m bluetooth headset instead of buying a cordless phone!)
- wifi (won't have immediate use - thought about AirTunes though.  will get rid of the obnoxious phone wire that goes across the whole condo though!)

ok - i'm gonna have to figure out how to scrunge up $799...definitely not an immediate need so "not now" is cool - however the minute someone figures out how to get Windoze to boot - i'm already there! :)   (btw, it's beyond me why they didn't include such support in the first goes life!)

ps. so how do I set the title on this post from this widget - was this an oversight or am I missing something?

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