Friday, July 14, 2006

will everyone Flock?

I'm playing around with evaluating Flock right now. I wasn't too hot on it 9 months ago but ever since I saw a photo integration with PhotoBucket and realized they also have Flickr support, I decided to give it another look.

So far it's a mixed experience - not quite Firefox, not quite Camino, not quite Mac OS X (aka. I want my emacs bindings dammit!), not quite a RSS Reader like Vienna. All the elements are there and it's gonna be a tough call from a UI perspective as to how to integrate it all together: blogs, photos, news, web, favorites, etc.

If all works well - this will go out to my mashup blog!

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Dancin Forever said...

ok - I confess Flock is quickly growing on me. the ease of browsing pictures of all my friends using the photobar and just realizing it is actively checking for new photos in a very intuitive interface wins lots of points!

my current request is the uploader be updated to extract titles and comments from the JPEG images themselves - the only reason why I didn't use the built-in uploader and resorted to FlickrExportr which admittedly works quite well!

Dancin Forever said...

to clarify further - iPhoto integration would rock!