Saturday, August 09, 2003

wow....what a freakin whirlwind....i go with my intuition to call a friend and next thing i know we're supposed to get together. another friend (yes, anonymous for now) calls me with integrity and i don't know what to do this sounds so sneaky! in any case, my friend is sure to call me back per his promise and we decide to go's kinda funny cuz i met his new friend and wonder what kinds of first impression i make. i'm really worried that i'm too there such a thing? eveything is fine at the first gig....i get to know the group of people who are there..just getting along with a bunch of new people...i keep open to what's there and realize i really have a knack for connecting with least this is what i experience....this may not be the experience of others but i digress. i am grinding my teeth right now and it worries me...i don't even do this when i'm on e...i'm hyperactive right now and it's 3:39 am and should i worry..shoudl i just take advantage of this time and just stay awake...i remember beth's last words is to meditate and perhaps this is what there is to mind is in what in computer terms is called a "race condition" time to jsut have fun with it. laters.

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